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  • How to book an excursion?
    1. Fill out the application form at the bottom of the page. (booking without ADVANCE PAYMENT!) Our operator will contact you within an hour; 2. Write to WhatsApp or Viber : +905417618440
  • How is the tour paid?
    Payment is taken during the tour in cash - preferably in dollars or euros.(rubles and hryvnias are also accepted) it is also possible to pay by online transfer.
  • Can I change the date of the tour?
    If the tour does not include an air ticket, you can change the date no later than 24 hours in advance! To change tours or dates, just contact us via WhatsApp or Viber If the tour includes an air ticket (for example, Istanbul or Israel), you cannot change the date due to the purchase of air tickets.
  • Am I traveling with you insured?
    Insurance is paid by you even before arrival in the country along with tickets and valid throughout the country, regardless of where and on what excursions you relax. Therefore, you are insured in any case, regardless of where you buy excursions: from a tour operator or at a local travel agency. When buying extreme types of excursions, insurance is automatically included in the ticket price by the organizing company.I would like to emphasize once again: this is a delusion that “there is no insurance on the street and no one is responsible for anything.” There is only one insurance policy, it is issued to you before departure and is valid throughout the entire trip. Separately, no one insures you in Turkey and all reimbursements go only under the insurance policy that the tour operator issued to you.
  • Do you have a license?
    Tourist activity is registered with the Ministry of Tourism and Culture Turkish license No. 4179 (TURSAB) Ginza Travel.
  • Where can I wait for the bus for the tour?
    On the specified date and time, be at the exit of your hotel (behind the barrier)
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